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California Vehicle Code (VC) violations & points on your license

Search the table below for your traffic violation and how many points it puts on your license.

See also: How the DMV Point System works & what to do:-

  • How the California DMV point system works
  • How you mask (hide) points from your license
  • How to save your license from suspension
  • How long points stay on your license
  • How to check your DMV driver record for points
  • Why we recommend you fight your traffic ticket
  • How we can help you get a restricted license if you have 4 points or more in one year

Point Count - California Vehicle Code (VC) Violations

(See also Points for Out-of-State violations)

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SectionViolationPoints on
your license
VC 14601,14601a,14601 b, 14601.1- 14601.4Driving while suspended/revokedTwo points
VC 14601.5Driving, suspended/revoked for refusing testOne point
VC 14603Violation of license restrictionsOne point
VC 20001, 20001a 20002, 20002a, 20002bHit and run/injury/property damageTwo points
VC 21100.3Disregarding traffic officer’s directionsOne point
VC 21209, 21209aDriving in bicycle laneOne point
VC 21367, 21367a, 21367b, 21367cDisobedience to traffic signs/controllerOne point
VC 21451, 21451a, 21451bIllegal movement/green light/arrowOne point
VC 21452, 21452aIllegal movement/yellow light/arrowOne point
VC 21453, 21453a, 21453b, 21453cIllegal movement/red/light/arrowOne point
VC 21454, 21454a – d, 21455Traffic signalsOne point
VC 21457, 21457a, 21457bDisobedience to flashing signalsOne point
VC 21460a, 21460bDouble lines/one broken lineOne point
VC 21460.5cUse of two-way left turn laneOne point
VC 21461, 21461a, 21462Disobedience to traffic control deviceOne point
VC 21650, 21650a – fKeep rightOne point
VC 21651, 21651aCrossing divided highwayOne point
VC 21651bDriving wrong side/divided highwayTwo points
VC 21652Entering highway from service roadOne point
VC 21654, 21654a, 21654b, 21655, 21655bLane use/slow moving vehicleOne point
VC 21655.8High-occupancy vehicle lane/entering/exitingOne point
VC 21656 – 21662, 21662a, 21662bImproper lane useOne point
VC 21663Driving on sidewalkOne point
VC 21664Freeway ramp/entering/exitingOne point
VC 21700Load obstructing driver’s viewOne point
VC 21701Interfering with driver’s control of vehicleOne point
VC 21702, 21702a, 21702bDriving hours limitationOne point
VC 21703, 21704, 21704a, 21705, 21706Following too closelyOne point
VC 21707Driving in fire areaOne point
VC 21709Driving in safety zoneOne point
VC 21711Towed vehicle swervingOne point
VC 21712, 21712a, 21712d, 21712f, 21715, 21715a, 21715bUnlawful riding/towingOne point
VC 21717Turning across bicycle laneOne point
VC 21750 – 21757, 21758, 21759Illegal passingOne point
VC 21800 – 21804, 21804a, 21804bRight-of-wayOne point
VC 21805, 21805bYielding right-of-way to horseback riderOne point
VC 21806, 21806aYielding right-of-way to emergency vehicleOne point
VC 21807Unsafe operation of emergency vehicleOne point
VC 21950, 21950a, 21951, 21952Yielding right-of-way to pedestrianOne point
VC 21954, 21954bDue care for pedestrian on roadwayOne point
VC 21960aProhibited use of freewayOne point
VC 21963Yielding right-of-way to blind pedestrianOne point
VC 22100 – 22105Turning and U-turnsOne point
VC 22106Unsafe starting/backing of vehicleOne point
VC 22107 – 22111, 22111a, 22111b, 22111cSignaling turns and stopsOne point
VC 22112, 22112aSchool bus signalingOne point
VC 22348, 22348a, 22348cSpeed/use of designated lanesOne point
VC 22348bSpeed over 100 MPHTwo points
VC 22349, 22349.5Maximum speedOne point
VC 22350, 22351, 22352, 22352a, 22352bBasic/prima facie speed limitOne point
VC 22354, 22355Exceeding posted/freeway speed limitOne point
VC 22356, 22356bMaximum speed 70 mphOne point
VC 22357, 22358.4Speed in excess of local limitsOne point
VC 22359, 22360, 22361Speed in excess of local limitsOne point
VC 22362Speed/construction zoneOne point
VC 22363Restricted speed/weather conditionsOne point
VC 22364Speed/traffic lanesOne point
VC 22400, 22400a, 22400bDriving too slowOne point
VC 22405, 22405aSpeed/bridge/tunnelOne point
VC 22406, 22407Maximum designated vehicle speedOne point
VC 22409, 22410Speed/solid/metal tiresOne point
VC 22413Speed limit on gradesOne point
VC 22450, 22451, 22452, 22452a, 22452bStop required/railroad crossingOne point
VC 22454Stop for school busOne point
VC 23103, 23103a,23103 bReckless drivingTwo points
VC 23104, 23104aReckless driving/causing bodily injuryTwo points
VC 23109, 23109b, 23109dSpeed contest/aiding or abettingOne point
VC 23109a, 23109cSpeed contest /exhibition of speedTwo points
VC 23116, 23116aTransporting person in truck load spaceOne point
VC 23123.5Holding or operating a CellphoneZero points
VC 23127Driving on trails and pathsOne point
VC 23140, 23140a, 23140bMinor driving with BAC of 0.05% or moreTwo points
VC 23152, 23152a-dDUI/alcoholic beverage or drugsTwo points
VC 23153, 23153a-dDUI/causing bodily injury or deathTwo points
VC 23220Drinking while drivingOne point
VC 23222, 23222a, 23222bMarijuana or open container/drivingOne point
VC 23235Ignition interlock verificationOne point
VC 23244, 23244bDefeating ignition interlock deviceOne point
VC 23253Disobedience to toll highway officerOne point
VC 23270, 23270aUnauthorized towingOne point
VC 23330, 23330cWidth/load of vehicle at crossingOne point
VC 23336Disobedience to sign/vehicle crossingOne point
VC 24002, 24002a, 24002bUnsafe/unlawfully equipped vehicleOne point
VC 24004Operation after notice by officerOne point
VC 24250Lighting equipmentOne point
VC 24409, 24409a, 24409bFailure to dim lightsOne point
VC 24604Lamps/flag for extended loadOne point
VC 25103, 25103a, 25103bLamps on projecting loadOne point
VC 26301, 26302, 26302a, 26302b, 26302cBrakesOne point
VC 26303, 26304, 26304a, 26304bBrakes/combination vehiclesOne point
VC 26307Forklift truck brakesOne point
VC 26311, 26311a, 26311b, 26311cAll wheel service brakesOne point
VC 26456, 26457Brakes/stopping distanceOne point
VC 26458, 26458a, 26458.5Braking system/towing vehiclesOne point
VC 26502aAdjustment/use of air brakesOne point
VC 26503 – 26506, 26506a, 26507Airbrake systemOne point
VC 26508, 26508a – c, 26508e – k, 26508oEmergency stopping systemOne point
VC 26520, 26521, 26522Vacuum brakesOne point
VC 27360, 27360a – c, 27360.5Child Passenger restraintOne point
VC 27363, 27363bChild seat beltOne point
VC 27800, 27801, 27801a, 27801bMotorcycle/passengers and equipmentOne point
VC 2800Disobedience to traffic officerOne point
VC 2800.1Evading peace officerOne point
VC 2801Disobedience to fire officialOne point
VC 2803, 2803a, 2803b, 2803cUnsafe vehicle loadOne point
VC 2815Disregarding non-student crossing guardOne point
VC 2816Youth bus/children crossing highwayOne point
VC 2817Disregarding funeral escort officerOne point
VC 2818Crossing safety flares/conesOne point
VC 2800.2, 2800.3Evading peace officer/reckless drivingTwo points
VC 29001, 29002Fifth wheel connecting/locking deviceOne point
VC 29003a, 29003b, 29003cHitch and coupling deviceOne point
VC 29004, 29004a – c, 29006, 29006aTowed vehicle couplingOne point
VC 29201Pole dolly/load and lengthOne point
VC 31301, 31301aCaldecott tunnel restrictionsOne point
VC 31303, 31303b, 31303c, 31303eHazardous waste transportationOne point
VC 31402Farm labor vehicle/unsafe operationOne point
VC 31540, 31504bRemovable containers/regulationsOne point
VC 31602, 31602a, 31602b, 31602cExplosives transportationTwo points
VC 31614, 31614a, 3164b, 31614d – f 31614h, 31614iExplosives transportationOne point
VC 32104, 32104a, 32104b, 32105, 32105a, 32105c-eInhalation hazard transportationOne point
VC 32106, 32106a – dInhalation hazard transportationOne point
VC 34102Tank vehicle regulationsOne point
VC 34501.2, 34501a, 34501cDriving hours limitationsOne point
VC 34506, 34506a – gDriving hours, equipment, maintenance, operationOne point
VC 34506.3Safety regulation violationOne point
VC 34509, 34509c, 34509dVanpool vehicle maintenance inspectionOne point
VC 35784, 35784a, 35784bViolation of special permitOne point
VC 35784.5, 35784.5a, 35784.5bExtralegal load/weightOne point
VC 36400Lift-carrier/speedOne point
VC 36705Bale wagon load width during darknessOne point

The above point count for VC codes are taken from the CA DMV https://dmv.ca.gov/dl/vioptct.htm.

Other Common California Code Violations

Used In Negligent Operator Count

The following violations can also put points on your license record:-

49307 or 12059EducationDisobedience to school safety patrol1
PC 191.5a, 192c1-192c4, 192.3c, 192.3dPenalVehicular manslaughter with gross negligence2
PC 192c, 192.3, 192.3a, 192.3bPenalVehicular manslaughter without gross negligence1
27176Streets and highwaysSpeeding on Golden Gate Bridge1

How the Points system works

Go to our California DMV Point System page to learn how the DMV Point System works,  how you mask (hide) points from your license and how to save your license from suspension.

See also Points for Out-of-State violations.

To learn how to mask (hide) points from your license,  how to save your license from suspension, and why we recommend you fight your ticket, see California DMV Point System - save your license.

4 Points and your driver's license is suspended

California DMV point system & Negligent Operator

The California DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) has a point system concerning drivers' licenses. If you get :-

  • 4 points in one year
  • 6 points in two years
  • or 8 points in three years

- then the California DMV will want to suspend your license for 6 months for being a negligent operator, a driver with too many points.

How you get points on your license

If you get pulled over by a police officer and he writes you a ticket for a Moving Violation you now face one point being put on your driver's license record.

Moving Violations

A Moving Violation is any violation of the law committed by the driver of a car while the car is in motion. Moving Violations put points on your driver's license.

Non-moving Violations

Parking tickets, fix-it tickets concerning the car equipment like broken lights, tinted windows or no front plate or paperwork violations relating to insurance or registration do NOT put points on your license.

Cellphone violations

Talking on the cell phone does NOT put a point on your license.

However, the California Legislature is considering a new law that will make a cell phone or texting violation count as a DMV point starting on January 1, 2021. See Cell Phone violations and points for more detail.

Examples of Points

If you cause an accident you will most likely get one point put on your record. In addition, if you get a DUI, Hit & Run, Driving on a suspended license or get caught driving over 100 mph, etc. you face two points being put on your license.   The California DMV will put one point on your driver's license record if they find out about an out-of-state traffic ticket you received.

How many points is a speeding ticket in California?

Most speeding tickets result in one point being put on your license - check your California Vehicle Code code in the table above.  However, if you were caught speeding over 100 MPH or if you were taking part in a speed contest, you will get two points put on your license.

How long do points stay on your license?

The length of time depends on the severity of the offense. Most points (illegal turn, not making a complete stop, driving over the speed limit, etc.) and/or accidents will stay on your DMV driver record for 36 months (3 years).

However, points for more serious offenses, such as hit-and-run or a DUI, will stay on your license record for 10 years.

What to do about Points on your License

California DMV Points on your licenseSee California DMV Point System - save your license to learn more about the Points System, how to hide points from your license,  how to save your license from suspension, and why we recommend you fight your ticket.

We can help save your license

We can help you keep points off your license, and save your license from suspension. Call us to speak to a Los Angeles Traffic Attorney for a free legal consultation regarding your case (310) 285-1516.

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