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Free legal consultation

Free legal consultation with a Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney

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If you :-

 - then call us for a free consultation (310) 285-1516 so we can answer all of your questions and offer advice on how to fix your problem.

We can explain to you what your options are so you can make an informed decision on what is the best way to take care of your traffic ticket, warrant, GC Services fine or suspended license problem.

A traffic ticket can turn into a big headache and can be very confusing - your license can be suspended and you can face ridiculously high fines from GC Services, a collection agency which the Los Angeles Superior court uses to collect money, - all this from a traffic ticket.

  • We like to make your headaches go away
  • We want to help you clear up your license and fight the GC Services fines you are facing
  • We like to teach you what your options are, so you can do what is best for you and avoid being taken advantage of by GC Services and the court.

Please call us so we can teach you your rights and your options.

Office Hours

Call us at (310) 285-1516  SE HABLA ESPAÑOL

  • If you call after 5 p.m. or on weekends,  then leave your name and phone number and we will call you back as soon as possible.

Out of Town or Out of State

warrant out of state
If you do not live in Los Angeles County and you got a ticket here and you need help with your traffic ticket or license or a warrant:-

  • We can often take care of this problem for you so you do not have to come back to Los Angeles
  • We will go to court for you so you don't have to.

License Suspended

If your license is suspended, call us so we can help you determine what is the best way to clear up your license as fast as possible.

For those of you who have not seen a Judge for their traffic ticket, we have an excellent record of helping people get their license suspension cleared up.

Call us to discuss (310) 285-1516.

License Suspended & GC Services Fine

gc services
If you have never been to court to see a judge regarding your ticket, and your license is suspended and GC Services is charging you a heavy fine, we can help you clear up your license and help you get your fines lowered.

Please call us if you are in this situation (310) 285-1516.

  • We go to court for people in this situation so you do not have to go and wait in long lines or miss work.
  • We like to fight the charges and fines you are facing by setting your matter for trial which often gives us the best chance of getting your fines lowered and keeping violations and DMV points off your record.

You have already seen a judge / Matter set for compliance

traffic ticket lawyerIf you have already SEEN A JUDGE AND PLEAD GUILTY OR NO CONTEST on your traffic ticket and you did not pay your fine or do your community service by the due date and your ticket is now with GC Services and your license is suspended we cannot help you out of this situation and the only way out of this situation that we know of is to pay the heavy fine.

If you call us, unfortunately, the only advice we can offer you is to pay the fine and learn from this experience and always pay your court fines by the due date after you plead guilty in front of a judge.

Matter set for compliance & GC Services
Please note we cannot help you if you have already appeared in front of a Judge and plead guilty or no contest and did not pay your fine or do your community service by the due date and your matter is set for compliance and GC Services now has your ticket and is charging you a lot of money.

The only option that we know of for you to get your license back is to pay this heavy fine, because you have already seen a Judge and plead guilty, and you are not allowed to see a Judge again once you are in this situation for failing to pay your fine by the due date.

The court adds penalty fees for your failure to pay your fine by the due date so that is why your fine is now higher and GC Services won't release the hold on your license until they are fully paid.

Impounded Car

impounded car los angeles
If your car got impounded for 30 days because your license is suspended because you never went to court to see a Judge for your traffic ticket:-

  • We can often clear this ticket up so you can get your license back
  • And then if you show the police your license is now valid you can get your car out of impoundment immediately as long as you also have valid registration and insurance.

Call us if you have a failure to appear affecting your license and your car got impounded for 30 days. We can help you try and get your car out in this situation sooner than 30 days. Call (310) 285-1516.

The Status of your Traffic Ticket

traffic ticket search

Check your traffic ticket status.

The first thing you should do if you have a traffic ticket problem is go to the Los Angeles Superior Court website. Click on the following link :-


Select the option to Search by Drivers License, and enter your California drivers license number and your date of birth, then this court website will pull up all your ticket information for your traffic tickets out of Los Angeles county.  It will tell you :-

  • What court your ticket is out of
  • The status of your traffic ticket.
30-day delay
Note the court website warns that your ticket information may not be posted online until after 30 days, but that even if your ticket is not online, you must still take care of it by the deadline.

What your Ticket Status means


If your traffic ticket status says warrant, bench warrant, arrest warrant or 40509.5 holds, then call us so we can advise you how to clear these matters up and fight the fines and charges you are facing.

We can help you clear up your license or warrant and help you lower the fines you are facing.

Matter set for compliance

If the ticket status says "matter set for compliance", that means your only option is to pay the heavy fine because you failed to pay the original fine by the due date.  We cannot help you in this situation and the only advice we can give you is to pay the fine completely to remove the license hold.

This website has been created by the Law Office of Pardoe & Associates, Traffic Ticket Attorneys in Los Angeles. We help with traffic ticket problems in Los Angeles County, including driver's license problems, DUI, GC Services, warrants, court appearances & more. Call us at (310) 285-1516 for a free legal consultation.

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