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Failure To Appear Los Angeles – FTA – VC 40508a

Failure to appear VC 40508a

Failure to Appear - FTA - VC 40508a

If you fail to appear in court for a ticket, the Court will usually contact the DMV and put a hold on your license and your license will then soon be suspended.

When you fail to appear in court the court will first put your ticket in FTA RF Phase 1 - this means the court will charge you a $150 fee on top of your ticket fine and will then send you a letter indicating you have failed to appear in court. Once this letter is sent to you if you do not take any action on your ticket in 20 days the court will then put your ticket in FTA RF Phase 2 - this means the court will charge you another $150 and then will transfer control of your ticket from the court to GC Services, a collection agency.

FTA RF Phase 1 - this means the court will charge you an additional $150 fee on top of your original fine and send you a letter informing you of your failure to appear in court (FTA)

FTA RF Phase 2 - this means because you didn't take any action on your ticket within 20 days after a letter was sent to you, the court will then transfer your ticket to the control of GC Services, the collection agency and charge you another $150 for a total of $300 in civil assessment fees on top of your original ticket fine.

Please call us if your license is suspended and your ticket is in FTA RF Phase 1 or FTA RF Phase 2 or the status of your ticket is DMV Driver License Hold or In Collections FTA - we can help in Los Angeles County - call (310) 285-1516

Suspended License

Is your license suspended because you forgot about a traffic ticket in Los Angeles County and now the court wants you to pay a huge fine because of a Failure To Appear in court (FTA)?

We can get your license back in 1-2 days: If you have never been to court and you have not seen a Judge regarding your ticket, we can go to court for you and clear up your license so that you might be able to get your license back within 1 to 2 days.

Call us immediately at 310-285-1516 to see how we can help you get your license back especially if your ticket is now being handled by GC Services collection agency.

The Law in California see: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=VEH&sectionNum=40508.

Huge Fine for FTA?

Did you get a traffic ticket and did not deal with it, and now :-

  • Huge fine - You have received a letter from the court or GC Services indicating you owe a huge fine oftentimes over $1,000 dollars for a Failure To Appear (FTA) - California Vehicle Code section 40508
  • Suspended License - Your license has been suspended by the DMV or is about to be suspended?
Learn more about what is an FTA (Failure To Appear) - and the penalties.


Driving on a Suspended License

It is very dangerous to drive around on a suspended license because if you get pulled over, your problems will only get worse as :-

  • The police have the power to impound your car for 30 days
  • Then you have to go to court where you face a driving on a suspended license charge (VC 14601.1) which is a misdemeanor and can result in, at a minimum,:-
    • probation
    • $1,000 fine
    • 2 points on your license
    • and a criminal record.

The Law in California see: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=VEH&sectionNum=14601.1.

What to do when you are charged for a Failure To Appear

Instead of just paying off the big fine we recommend that you get a court date and try to fight the charges and the fine.

We can do this for you.


Warrant for your arrest

fta los angeles warrant for arrestFailure to appear in court for a license violation will usually result in a warrant for your arrest - 40508a Warrant.


failure to appear los angelesWe can help get your license back

Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney

We can do all of this for you so you do not have to go to court :-

  • The first thing we will do for you is try and clear up your Failure to Appear (FTA) with the DMV in order to get your license back.
  • Second, instead of you just paying off the big fine, we will get a court date and fight the charges and try to reduce your fines.

Call us immediately (310) 285-1516 for a free legal consultation. We can help make this headache go away.

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