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Problems we help with (alphabetical list)

The following are some of the Los Angeles Traffic Ticket problems we help with.
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Vehicle CodeProblemDetails
VC 40508 aArrest warrant or Bench warrantThere is a warrant for your arrest (bench warrant, arrest warrant or failure to appear warrant).
VC 21655.5 bCarpool lane
VC 21655.8Crossing double lines
DMV HearingAny type of DMV Hearing.
DMV HoldYou have a DMV hold or Failure to Appear (FTA) and you need your license back.
VC 14601.1Driving on a suspended licenseDriving on a suspended license because you have a failure to appear on your drivers license
VC 14601.2Driving on a suspended license due to a DUIYou must do everything you can to get your license reinstated and try to avoid this stiff punishment.
VC 22348 bDriving over 100 mphDriving over 100 mph (VC 22348 b).
DUIYou got arrested for a DUI (Driving Under the Influence).
Federal TicketYou got a federal ticket on federal property in Los Angeles County.
Fight your ticketYou want to fight your traffic ticket and don’t want it on your record.
VC 40508, VC 40509.5FTA Failure to AppearA traffic ticket that has turned into a Failure to Appear (FTA – VC 40508) that has caused your license to be suspended.
VC 40508 bFTP Failure to PaySee our explanation of FTP Failure to Pay
GC ServicesLetters from GC Services demanding huge unreasonable fines oftentimes for a simple correctable ticket.
VC 20002Hit and RunYou have been charged with a Hit and Run (VC 20002).
VC 14602.6Impounded carYour car was impounded because you or the driver had their license suspended, revoked, expired (VC 14601.1 or 14601.2) or didn’t have a California license (VC 12500).
VC 23112Littering
Los Angeles Airport ticketYou got a ticket at or near the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) by the Los Angeles Airport Police
VC 12810.5Negligent OperatorThe DMV wants to suspend your license for having too many tickets and 4 points in a year or 6 points in 2 years (negligent operator).
VC 16028 cNo Insurance: accidentDMV wants to suspend your license for an accident and you did not have insurance at the time (no financial responsibility).
VC 16028 aNo proof of insuranceIf you got a ticket for California Vehicle Code 16028 no proof of insurance (financial responsibility), this can be a very expensive fine.
Old traffic ticketA really old traffic ticket that needs to be taken care of.
VC 23222 aOpen container
Out of stateYou are from out of state or out of town and you have a ticket in Los Angeles.
VC 23222 bPossession of marijuana in car
Probation ViolationsWe have an excellent track record in obtaining alternatives to Los Angeles County Jail for probation violations.
VC 23103Reckless driving
Red light Beverly HillsWe can help if you have a Red light camera ticket in Beverly Hills or West Hollywood and you were not the driver and you have to go the Beverly Hills Courthouse located at 9355 Burton Way Beverly Hills California.
Red light ticketsUnfortunately, we DO NOT HELP with red light tickets except for the particular situation in Beverly Hills
Senior Driver licenseYou are a senior driver and the DMV wants to suspend your license or have a DMV hearing or reexamination.
VC 23109Speed Contest
VC 22349, VC 22350Speeding violations
Suspended LicenseYour license is suspended by the DMV for some reason.
VC 23111Throwing lit cigarette out of car
VC 12500Unlicensed driverLiving and driving in California but not having a California license or having an expired California drivers license
VC 40508 aWarrant for your arrestThere is a warrant for your arrest (bench warrant, arrest warrant or failure to appear warrant).

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