4 points license suspended

4 points license suspended for 6 months

4 points on your Driver's License
People frequently get 3 or 4 traffic tickets in a year, and instead of fighting the tickets or doing traffic school, they just pay off the ticket fines and end up putting 4 points on their DMV license record.

If the DMV determines that you have 4 points on your license, they will send you a letter indicating they intend to suspend your license for 6 months.

It is imperative that you immediately request a DMV Hearing otherwise you face 6 months of no driving. A DMV Hearing if requested in time will give you a chance at saving your license.

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How do points get on your license?

A traffic ticket involving a moving violation can put one or two points on your record. A moving violation is any violation of the law committed by the driver while the car is in motion. Parking tickets, fix-it tickets concerning the car equipment like broken lights, tinted windows or no front plate, or paperwork violations relating to insurance or registration do not put points on your license. Talking on the cell phone does not put a point on your license.

However, a DUI, Hit or Run charge, Driving over a 100 mph or driving on a suspended license all put 2 points on your license. A typical traffic ticket that involves a moving violation like speeding or going through a stop sign puts one point on your license. If you cause an accident and you are determined to be at fault in causing the accident this will put a point on your DMV record. The California DMV will put a point on your record if they find out about an out of state traffic ticket you received when driving in a different state.

You always want to fight your traffic tickets to avoid points going on your record. 

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Traffic School

If you successfully do First Offender Traffic School that this will mask or hide the point and ticket from your DMV driver's record. You are only allowed to do First Offender Traffic School once every 18 months (The 18-month eligibility period is determined from violation date to violation date and not from when you attended traffic school).  You can do first offender traffic school on the Internet.

There is no longer second time offender 12-hour in-person traffic school which used to be available for people who had already done first offender traffic school and then got another ticket within 18 months. The California legislature removed the authority for courts to order the completion of a 12-hour or Level II traffic school for purposes of masking the conviction at the DMV.

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Driving on a Suspended License

Learn why driving on a suspended license is dangerous, and what to do if your car is impounded.

We can help in Los Angeles

If your driver's license is suspended we can:-

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  • Work on fixing them so you can try to get your license back as soon as possible
  • Go to court for you, so you don’t have to, in order to:-
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