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Senior Drivers license problems

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Suspension of License

If you a senior citizen, the California DMV might try to suspend your license for:-

  • Lapse of consciousness
  • Lack of skill
  • Questions about your mental or physical condition
  • etc.

Priority Reexamination Notice

Did you get a letter from the DMV about suspending your driver's license?

It is very important that you request a DMV Hearing as soon as possible to challenge any suspension or revocation of your license.

After you get a Priority Reexamination Notice, you must contact your local DMV Driver Safety office within five days or your driver license will be suspended. Instructions are included on the Priority Reexamination Notice.

What happens during the reexamination process?

At the reexamination, the DMV hearing officer will ask you many questions.  The DMV hearing officer will definitely ask you about your health and medical history. You may also be asked about:-

  • Your driving history and specific incidents on your driving record
  • The “Rules of the Road” and how you would handle specific driving situations.
  • You may also be asked to provide medical information from your physician.

The reexamination process may include:-

  • A vision test
  • A written test
  • And a driving test.

The results or the reexamination

After the reexamination, the DMV Hearing Officer will review the evidence and decide what action, if any, would be the best solution for your situation. If an action is taken against your driving privilege, it could be a restriction, probation, suspension, or revocation.

DMV personnel will notify you in writing of the decision about your driver's license. If you feel the decision is unjustified, you have the right to challenge it by requesting another DMV hearing. Your notice will explain how to request a hearing.

Do you lose your license at a certain age?

The California Department of Motor Vehicles does NOT take away your driver license when you reach a certain age. Your mental and/or physical condition or your inability to follow traffic laws and rules regardless of age determines whether your license is renewed, restricted, suspended, or revoked.

70 years or older
All drivers aged 70 or older must renew their driver license in person at a DMV office.

How you get reported for a re-examination hearing

A police officer or doctor reported you to the DMV

If you get a traffic ticket, the police officer may report you to the DMV for a re-examination hearing concerning your driving ability.

A lot of times senior citizens get reported to the DMV by a police officer or a doctor with concerns about their driving abilities and then the DMV will do an investigation and a re-examination to evaluate the senior citizen’s driving abilities.

The DMV has the ability to suspend your license if they have concerns about your driving ability. It is imperative to request a DMV Hearing immediately after getting a letter from the DMV to try to keep your license.

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