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Suspended license

suspended license

Suspended License in California

We can help you if your ticket or problem is in Los Angeles County.

Did you get a letter from the California Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) saying they have suspended or are about to suspend your license?  You need to:-

  • Learn why driving on a suspended license is dangerous.
  • Identify how you got a suspended license so we can tell you how to fix the problem.
  • Act now before it is too late - you may only have a matter of days to take steps to get your license back.
ACT NOW! Save your license and ability to drive. Request a DMV Hearing immediately!

How do I find out if my license is suspended?

Call the DMV
To find out if your license is suspended (anywhere in California), call the California DMV at 916‑657‑6525.

Make sure to ask the DMV for:-
  • The ticket number
  • The courthouse location of the tickets that are causing your license to be suspended.
Failure To Appears, 40509.5 holds and DMV holds
If the DMV informs you that your license is suspended because you have some traffic tickets that have turned into Failure To Appears, 40509.5 holds and DMV holds, then call us immediately if your ticket problem is in Los Angeles County so we can clear up your license.

The Law in California see: http://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?lawCode=VEH&sectionNum=40509.5.

You live Out of State or Out of Town

out of state traffic ticketIf your traffic ticket is out of Los Angeles county and you do not live in Los Angeles, then call us immediately because we can help you clear up your suspended license without you having to come back to Los Angeles.

If you live out of state and you got a ticket in Los Angeles California and did not take care of it, the California DMV will most likely contact your state's DMV, and then your state's DMV won't let you renew or get a license until this California ticket is cleared up.

If you cannot get an out of state license or your DMV won't let you renew your license until your Los Angeles County ticket is cleared up, call us if you are in this situation.

 We can help you clear up your license.

How to get your License back

The California DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) has the power to suspend your license for a number of reasons.  We can advise you on how to get your license back depending on the reason it was suspended.

pointyClick on one of the 7 reasons below.


1. Suspended license for Failure To Appear FTA

2. Car impounded because of suspended license for FTA

3. Suspended license for too many points on your license (Negligent Operator)

4. Suspended license due to Senior Driver issues

5. Suspended license due to Accident with No Insurance

6. Suspended license due to DUI

7. Suspended license for Under 21 drinking and driving

Save your license

ACT NOW! Save your license and ability to drive. Request a DMV Hearing immediately!

Request a DMV Hearing

You are entitled to a DMV Hearing for :-

  • Too many points on your license
  • Questions about your driving ability
  • No insurance in an accident
  • DUI
You must request a DMV Hearing immediately to save your license and ability to drive. You only have a very brief time after you receive a DMV letter to request a DMV hearing.  A Negligent Operator DMV Hearing is oftentimes the only way to save your license – so get a hearing!

We can do this for you in Los Angeles - call us (310) 285-1516.

We can help get your suspended license back

We can help get your suspended license back

Los Angeles Traffic Attorney

If you have a suspended license in Los Angeles County, we can:-

  • Find out for you what the problems are with the DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles)
  • Work on fixing them so you can get your license back as soon as possible
  • Go to court for you, so you don’t have to, in order to:-
Call us immediately for a free legal consultation to discuss your suspended license problems in Los Angeles County (310) 285-1516.

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