FTP failure to pay

Failure to Pay - California VC 40508b FTP

Explanation of "FTP" / FTP HOLD

Failure to Pay VC 40508(b) FTP – a warrant or hold for failure to comply with a term or condition of the sentence which usually means a failure to pay your traffic ticket fine before the deadline which can result in:-

  • an FTP
  • and a possible misdemeanor charge against you (a criminal offense)
  • along with a license hold or suspension.
See also our explanation of Failure to Appear (FTA)

What to do


Typical Failure to Pay Situation

If you have already appeared in front of a Judge at court and plead guilty or no contest and the Judge ordered you to pay a fine or do community service and you did not pay the fine or do the community service by the due date, you are now in a very tough situation as your fine has gone way up and GC Services is now handling your case. We cannot help you with GC Services when you are in this situation. Once you have plead guilty or no contest in front of a Judge and you did not pay your fine by the due date you are not allowed another opportunity to see a Judge. Your only way out of this situation in our opinion is to pay off the heavy fines. Unless you pay these fines it will be very hard to get your license back. You can try and write a letter to the Judge explaining your situation but don't get your hopes up in getting your fines reduced.

We unfortunately CANNOT HELP YOU WITH GC SERVICES IF YOU HAVE ALREADY SEEN A JUDGE AND PLEAD GUILTY OR NO CONTEST and you did not pay your fine by the due date. The only way out of this Failure to Pay situation that we know of is to pay the heavy fines.

failure to appear los angelesWhen we CAN help in Los Angeles

If you have NEVER SEEN A JUDGE REGARDING YOUR TICKET we can definitely help you with GC Services. If you have never been to court and you have not seen a Judge we can help you get your license back oftentimes in a day or two and we can help you fight the ridiculous fines GC Services is charging you.

Call us for a Free Legal Consultation regarding your case if you have not appeared in front of a Judge regarding your ticket (310) 285-1516.

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