Los Angeles County Police and your traffic ticket

los angeles police For a list of Los Angeles County Police Departments, see below.

Los Angeles County Police Departments

Los Angeles County has several different Police Departments for the various cities within it, as well as one for Los Angeles Airport.

Los Angeles City itself has the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), but other cities in Los Angeles County either operate their own Police Department, or they are policed by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department (LASD), which also operates the courts in their areas.

The California Highway Patrol (CHP) is a law enforcement agency for the State of California, that works in conjunction with local Police Departments and the County Sheriff’s Department.

Signing your Traffic Citation (ticket)

So it is possible to be given a traffic ticket by a Police Officer, a Deputy Sheriff, or a Highway Patrol Officer, depending upon your location. They will ask you to sign the traffic ticket and when you do so, you are actually signing that you agree to resolve the ticket and/or go to court if that is required. It is not an admission of guilt. If however you do not resolve your ticket and/or go to court, this will result in a misdemeanour charge, which is a criminal offence.

If you refuse to sign the ticket, the officer concerned may arrest you to bring you up before a judge straight away, however if a judge is not immediately available, this may then involve being put in jail, to wait until such time that you can be brought before a judge when the court is in session.

You must resolve your traffic ticket with the court, not the Police department

Once you have been issued with a traffic ticket, and assuming that you have signed it, the police have no further role to play, apart from appearing in court when your case comes up. This means that you cannot go to a police station or sheriff’s office to resolve or dispute your traffic ticket; you must deal with the nominated court.  You will find the name of the court written at the bottom of your traffic ticket. See list of traffic courts in Los Angeles


What happens if you lose your traffic ticket?

If you lose your traffic ticket, you cannot go to a police station or sheriff’s office, you must address the issue with the court system. You can go to the LA Superior Court Online website, where you can search for traffic tickets based on your driver’s license number. See check the status of your traffic ticket.

Check the status of your traffic ticket

The first thing you should do if you have a traffic ticket problem in Los Angeles is go to the Los Angeles Superior Court website to  check the status of your traffic ticket.

Los Angeles County Police Departments

We can help you with traffic tickets from the following Police Departments in Los Angeles county
Los Angeles Police Department
Alhambra Police Department 
Azusa Police Department 
Baldwin Park Police Department 
Bell Garden Police Department 
Bell Police Department 
Beverly Hills Police Department
Beverly Hills Traffic Tickets
Burbank Police Department 
California Highway Patrol CHP Altadena 
California Highway Patrol CHP Baldwin Park 
California Highway Patrol CHP Central Los Angeles (CLA) 
California Highway Patrol CHP Newhall 
California Highway Patrol CHP Santa Fe Springs 
California Highway Patrol CHP South Los Angeles (SLA) 
California Highway Patrol CHP West LA 
California Highway Patrol CHP West Valley (WV) 
CHP - California Highway Patrol 
Covina Police Department 
CSU Dominguez Police 
CSU Northridge Police 
Culver City Police Department 
Downey Police Department 
El Monte Police Department 
El Segundo Police Department 
Gardena Police Department 
Glendale Police Department 
Glendora Police Department 
Hawthorne Police Department 
Hermosa Beach Police Department
Huntington Park Police Department 
Inglewood Police Department 
LAPD Central Traffic Division 
LAPD Hollywood 
LAPD Pacific Division
LAPD South Traffic Division 
LAPD Valley Division
LAPD Valley Traffic Division 
LAPD West LA Division
LAPD Wilshire 
LAPD, Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD), West Traffic Division
Long Beach Police Department 
Los Angeles Airport Police Department 
Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department Lost Hills station in Malibu
Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department Marina Del Rey
Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, Santa Clarita
Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department, West Hollywood
Los Angeles World Airport Police Department 
Manhattan Beach Police Department
Monrovia Police Department 
Montebello Police Department 
Monterey Park Police Department 
Palos Verdes Estates Police Department 
Palos Verdes Police Department 
Pasadena Police Department 
Pomona Police Department
Redondo Beach Police Department
San Fernando Police Department 
San Gabriel Police Department 
San Marino Police Department 
Sierra Madre Police Department 
Signal Hill Police Department 
South Gate Police Department 
South Pasadena Police Department 
Torrance Police Department 
UCLA Police Department 
University of California Police department 
West Covina Police Department 
Whittier Police Department

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