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 Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney and DUI Attorney A tradition of successfully helping people with their Traffic Ticket, DMV, GC Services and DUI problems in Los Angeles County

If you need a Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney, GC Services Attorney or DUI Attorney , contact:-

Law Office of Pardoe & Associates
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Tel: (310) 285-1516 SE HABLA ESPAÑOL

What we do

We practice law in California. We have years of experience and a tradition of successfully helping people with their traffic ticket and license problems.

We specialize in helping people with :-

DUI (driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol)

Arrested for DUI in Los Angeles County? Contact us today to speak with a DUI Attorney for a free consultation to discuss the DUI charge, as well as the DMV hearing. Visit our DUI web site, to know your rights, know the law, and know the consequences.

Going to Court

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We make all court appearances for you - so you do not have to go and miss work and spend long hours in line or in court.

We help people with their traffic ticket problems in ALL courts and courthouses in Los Angeles County.

Free Legal Consultation with a Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney

If you :-

  • Have a traffic ticket or warrant out of Los Angeles County
  • Or GC Services has sent you a letter charging you a big fine
  • Or your license is suspended because of a traffic ticket and you need help clearing it up ...

- then call us for a free legal consultation (310) 285-1516 so we can answer all of your questions and offer advice on how to fix your traffic ticket problem.

We are here to help make your traffic ticket & license problems go away!