GC Services – huge fine

gc services fine in Los Angeles

Did you get a demand letter for a huge fine from GC Services?

If you haven't already been in front of a Judge, we offer an alternative to paying GC Services the money they want from you for your traffic ticket.

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Get your drivers license back

suspend license los angeles

Is your license suspended because of a traffic ticket that you never went to court for? Failure to Appear (FTA - 40509.5 Holds). If so, we can definitely help you.

We can clear up your license.

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Bench warrant / Arrest warrant

arrest warrant or bench warrant los angeles

It is very important that you clear up your arrest or bench warrant as fast as possible to avoid suddenly finding yourself in Los Angeles County jail.

Call us (310) 285-1516 so we can help clear it up immediately.

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Why choose us?

  • For help with traffic ticket in Los Angeles
  • We like to make your headaches go away
  • We want to help you clear up your license and fight the GC Services fines you are facing
  • We like to teach you what your options are, so you can do what is best for you and avoid being taken advantage of by GC Services and the court.

For help with your traffic ticket in Los Angeles county, please call us (310) 285-1516.