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Why it is better to fight your traffic ticket rather than just pay

Consequences of getting a traffic ticket

A traffic ticket that involves a moving violation (e.g. a stop sign or speeding ticket (VC 22349 or VC 22350) – not something correctable) can result in the following negative consequences:-

  • An expensive fine
  • It can place one or two points on your driver’s license record
  • It can increase your insurance rates
  • It can possibly hurt you when applying for a job that involves driving.

So it is important to try and do everything to fight your traffic ticket and avoid these results.

Avoid points going on your license record

Have you got :-

  • A letter from the California DMV?
  • 4 points and license suspension?

You always want to fight your traffic ticket to avoid points going on your driver record.

Fight your traffic ticket, don't pay it off

Most people when they get a traffic ticket usually just pay it off. The problems with this approach are that:-

  • It automatically puts at least one point on your driver's license record
  • And it will probably increase your insurance rates.
We suggest that you do everything you can to fight your traffic ticket to avoid points going on your record. Keep in mind you are allowed to do traffic school every 18 months and this will hide the point and ticket from your driver's license record if done successfully.

4 points and your license is suspended

Frequently people get 3 or 4 traffic tickets in a year and instead of fighting the traffic tickets or doing traffic school they just pay off the ticket fines and end up putting 4 points on their DMV license record.

The Department Of Motor Vehicles may suspend your license for up to 6 months if you receive:-

  • 4 points in one year
  • 6 points in two years
  • or 8 points over a three-year period.

See how point totals are calculated.

Save your license from suspension

If the DMV finds out you have 4 points on your license they will send you a letter indicating they intend to suspend your license for 6 months. It is imperative that you immediately request a DMV hearing otherwise you face 6 months of no driving. A DMV hearing if requested in time will give you a chance at saving your license.  We can do this for you - call us on (310) 285-1516.

How do you get points on your license?

A traffic ticket involving a moving violation can put one or two points on your record. A moving violation is any violation of the law committed by the driver while the car is in motion. Parking tickets, fix it tickets concerning the car equipment like broken lights, tinted windows or no front plate or paperwork violations relating to insurance or registration do not put points on your license. Talking on the cell phone does not put a point on your license.

However, a DUI, Hit or Run charge, Driving over a 100 mph or driving on a suspended license all put 2 points on your license. A typical traffic ticket that involves a moving violation like speeding or going through a stop sign puts one point on your license. If you cause an accident and you are determined to be at fault in causing the accident this will put a point on your DMV record. The California DMV will put a point on your record if they find out about an out of state traffic ticket you got. Learn more about points for out of state violations.

How long do points stay on your license?

The length of time depends on the severity of the offense. Most points (illegal turn, not making a complete stop, driving over the speed limit, etc.) and/or accidents will stay on your DMV driver record for 36 months (3 years).

However, points for more serious offenses, such as hit-and-run or a DUI, will stay on your license record for 13 years. Read more about how long points stay on your license.

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