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Pay traffic ticket Los Angeles

Pay traffic ticket Los Angeles

How to pay your Los Angeles Superior Court Traffic Ticket

Pay traffic ticket online or in person

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See why it is better to fight your traffic ticket rather than just pay it.

GC Services

#1 Paying Your Traffic Ticket Fine when you have a Failure to Appear (FTA)

If you did not take care of your ticket in time by the due date and you never went to court, the Los Angeles Superior Court will charge you with a Failure to Appear (FTA), and place a VC 40509.5 hold on your license. This will most likely cause your license to be suspended.

Because of your Failure To Appear (VC 40509.5 hold) the fine on your ticket will be greatly increased. In order to collect this big fine, the Los Angeles Superior Court will then refer your ticket to the GC Services Collection Agency. If you contact the Los Angeles Superior Court to try and take care of or pay your ticket, you will be told your ticket has been referred to GC Services and the Los Angeles Superior Court now has nothing to do with your ticket.

One option you have if you are in this situation in order to clear up your ticket and suspended license is to pay off GC Services online or in person at the courthouse marked on the bottom of your ticket. (To pay GC Services online see courtpay.gcserv.com) However, be aware of the risks if you decide to just pay off your ticket to GC Services. 

Risks when just paying off ticket to GC Services

(These risks only apply if you have not gone to court to see a Judge regarding your ticket. If you have already seen a Judge about your ticket please read our explanation of FTP)

Risk #1 - If you have not seen a Judge and you pay off your ticket to GC Services, you are paying GC Services a lot of money and basically pleading guilty to all the charges that the officer wrote down on your ticket. All of these charges on your ticket will then go on your DMV driver's license record. So if you got a speeding ticket and you pay off this ticket to GC Services you are putting a speeding ticket on your DMV record as well as a point and your insurance rates will most likely go up. You will be adding a DMV point to your license record and if you get 4 points in a 12 month period you will be deemed a Negligent Operator by the DMV and they will attempt to suspend your license for 6 months.

Risk #2 – If you pay GC Services in order to clear up your suspended license, it is uncertain when your license will be cleared up by them. When you pay GC services, they typically clear up your license hold in a couple of days, but we have spoken to people who did not get their license hold cleared up for a couple of weeks after they paid GC Services and others who paid GC Services and their license did not get cleared up at all. If you decide to pay GC Services make sure you do get a guarantee that they will clear up your license hold.

Alternative to paying GC Services

We offer an alternative to paying GC Services that big fine. If you have not seen a Judge regarding your ticket, we can remove your ticket from the control of GC Services so you do not have to pay GC Services anything. Unlike GC Services, we can oftentimes clear up your license so you can drive again with a valid drivers license. In addition, we fight all the fines, charges, and any DMV points you are facing from your ticket. Please call us at (310)285-1516 to discuss.

#2 Matter Set for Compliance

Paying Your Traffic Ticket Fine when you have already seen a Judge and You Have a Failure to Pay

If you went in front of a Judge and plead guilty or no contest and the Judge ordered you to pay a fine or do community service and you did not pay your fine or do your community service by the due date, you will be charged with a Failure to Pay and most likely a hold will be placed on your license causing it to be suspended.

Your fine will also be greatly increased. Your matter will then be referred by the Los Angeles Superior Court to GC Services. WE CANNOT HELP YOU IF YOU ARE IN THIS SITUATION - WE CAN ONLY HELP YOU IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN A JUDGE. Once you have seen a Judge, you will not be able to see a Judge again and we don’t know of any other option to clear up this DMV hold except to pay the total fine to GC Services. The only way we know to get your license cleared up in this situation is to completely pay off GC Services whatever you owe them. You can set up a payment plan with GC Services but they will not clear up your license until the fine has been fully paid.

A Matter set for Compliance means you have already seen a Judge and you must pay the fine to GC Services to clear up your license if it is suspended due to this Failure To Pay. We cannot help you if your ticket is now a Matter Set for Compliance. When you don’t pay your fine by the due date or do your community service after seeing a Judge you are in a terrible situation especially if your license is suspended. They don’t give you a second chance to do community service or pay the original fine. The only option that we know of that you have is to completely pay off the big fine to GC Services in order to clear up your license.

#3 Paying your traffic ticket off if you have not missed your court date

Pay ticket online

If you have not missed the due date on your traffic ticket, you can usually pay your Los Angeles Superior Court traffic ticket online here:-


Once again keep in mind that if you just pay off your traffic ticket you are pleading guilty to the charges that the officer wrote down on your ticket. If the officer wrote you a ticket for a stop sign violation or a speeding violation these are moving violations which can result in a point going on your driver's license record which will most likely make your insurance rates go up.

Pay ticket by mail

We do NOT recommend that you send payment for your ticket by mail

We do NOT recommend that you send payment for your ticket by mail – due to budget cuts the courts are very short staffed and it can take a long time to process the mail and your payment. Oftentimes people mail in payments to the court and then they are charged with a Failure To Appear because the payment was not processed by the ticket due date and their license is then suspended and the fine on the ticket goes way up.

However, if you live out of state or out of Los Angeles County, and you cannot pay your ticket online for some reason and mailing payment for your ticket is your only option, we recommend you:-

  • Make copies of whatever you mail
  • Put your citation # on the check
  • Mail the payment the fastest way you can such as by Federal Express or express mail – that way you will also have proof of a delivery date.
After your traffic ticket due date

Mailing payment after your ticket due date will probably not be accepted by the court and will most likely result in a Failure to Appear (FTA) charge.

Paying your traffic ticket at court

If you live in Los Angeles County, instead of paying by mail we recommend you pay your ticket in person at the courthouse marked on the bottom of your ticket. That way you know your payment will be promptly processed and you will be given a receipt for your payment.

traffic ticket courtYou must pay your ticket at the courthouse that the officer marked at the bottom of your traffic ticket. Here are the locations of all the various Los Angeles Superior Courts in Los Angeles County:-


We can help in Los Angeles County

Call us to speak with a Los Angeles Traffic Ticket Attorney for a Free Legal Consultation (310) 285-1516.

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